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My hair is colored and it seems to fade after a few weeks. I want the color to last until my next salon visit.

I have a dry scalp & often have issues with flakes. I need a shampoo that will help with this condition.

My hair is chemically straightened and I have extensions. What shampoo and conditioner can I use that won't harm my extensions or lead to the curl returning?

My hair is curly and I want straighter, body-rich hair.

My hair is very curly and I want super straight, smooth hair.

My hair is dull and damaged-looking and I want a high, glossy finish.

My hair is baby fine and flat and I want overall fullness.

My curly hair is always frizzy and when I use a product on it, it gets that hard & "crispy" feel. I want soft, defined curls.

My fine hair is flat at the root and my style lacks body. I want fullness at the root.

I want my layered hair to look sexy and wispy, with a matte finish.

I want the feeling of thicker, fuller hair, just like I've spent the day at the seashore.

My hair is lacking in definition. I want a piecy, separated, "bed head" look.

My hair is fine and flat and I want all over volume.

I can't get my hair to hold a style. What can I do?

I have super-short hair that I style in a "fauxhawk". I want gravity-defying hold that lasts & lasts.

I have short hair and want definition & texture.

My hair is short and I want it to look piecy, but shiny and soft, not greasy or dull.

I need a hairspray that I can use while I am hot-styling my hair.

I need a hairspray that has super strong hold, but is touchable and natural looking.

I need a hair spray that has strong hold but is non-aerosol.