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The Nicolas Hair Care iPhone App allows iPhone users to find answers to hair styling questions and requests, featuring Nicolas's prescriptions (Rx) for fabulous hair. It also allows them to browse the Nicolas Hair Care product line and optionally access the Nicolas Hair Care on-line store.

Need support? See the information below. To contact Support, visit our support page.
To use this app, your iPhone must have OS10.2 or higher. The app has been tested on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
This app is intended for use only within the United States. While it can be used outside this area, product sales are not available outside the US. For questions about international sales, please call
The app works on both mobile phone and WiFi networks. (Access to a network is required for all but the home screen.) ==> Navigation Tips
Home Screen: When the app opens you will see this screen. Tap the large button "Nicolas's Rx for Fabulous Hair ..." to see a list of common hair styling requests with links to the suggested solutions.
List of Nicolas's Prescriptions (Rx) for Fabulous Hair: tap one of the hair styling requests or the blue disclosure arrow to see the recommended product(s) that solve the styling issue.
Here's a sample for one of the styling requests. If more than one product can help, all products will be listed. Just move the screen to scroll through the entire description.
You can also tap (on the home screen) on any product category to get a list of available Nicolas Hair Care products. For example, tap Shampoos and you'll see:

You can get a list of all Shampoos on one page by tapping "Show All Shampoos" or see individual shampoos by tapping each by name.




Scroll through the screen to see all the details for the product(s).
Navigation Tips
At the bottom of the Rx List and product pages, you will see left and right arrows. Use these to go back and forth through the product and store pages you have viewed.
At the top, you will see the "Done" button, which will take you back to the Nicolas Hair Care home screen.
The speed of loading the app pages depends on the speed of your network (3G or WiFi).
The Network Activity indicator at the top will let you know if the app is loading a page.
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